2 Things You Need​​ To Know About Crawl Space Encapsulation

Warner Robins, GA, is a mid-sized town in the heart of Georgia. It is a fantastic place to live. There are nearly 30,000 households in the city with a sparse urban feel. People living in Warner Robins are friendly and fun-loving. Most families in the city own a home. Unfortunately, most homeowners in Warner Robins forget to check their home’s crawl space until a problem arises. The crawl space varies in height and has a concrete or dirt floor. Crawl spaces have open vents that allow pests and moisture into the house. People opt for crawl space mold encapsulation in Warner Robins, GA, to prevent mold growth and mildew and eliminate the chance of pest infestation.

A hollow crawl space separates the house’s floor from the dirt ground. Generally, it is one to three feet tall and holds things, like HVAC systems, plumbing, and electrical work, that are supposed to be in the basement. The air in this space has cold drafts, humidity, and mold spores. The air carries the mold spores and spreads them to the rest of the house. It affects the health of the people living in the house. Crawl space encapsulation creates a barrier between the house and the space below it and includes adding wall insulation, a drainage system, and a vapor barrier.

Signs of problems in crawl space

Musty odor

High humidity

Cold floors

High heating and cooling costs

Moisture damage

Soggy insulation

Condensation on pipes

Rotten wooden frames

Pest infestations

Water on the floor

Benefits of encapsulating the crawl space

The air in the crawl space is musty and damp. If it gets into the house, the house becomes smelly and humid. Crawl space encapsulation conditions the air and makes people feel comfortable.

People must run the heaters for long periods when the air inside the house becomes cold and damp. Running the heaters for a longer time leads to spending more money on energy. Encapsulation enables people to turn the HVAC system off at frequent intervals.

Encapsulation keeps the crawl space dry and prevents the growth of mold. In addition, it eliminates the damp air from passing through the house. It makes people not worry about the growth of mold inside their houses.

When the crawl space becomes moldy, the mold spores can get into the house and affect the indoor air quality. People in the house breathe moldy air daily, which affects their health. When the space is encapsulated, it prevents the air from getting into the house, and people do not breathe in the dirty and damp air.

Crawl space attracts pests like rats and insects. If pests enter the crawl space, they find a way to enter the house. They damage the house, eat the food and cause damage to people’s health. Encapsulating the crawl space prevents pests from getting into the house.

Crawl space encapsulation boosts the value of a house. Buyers are ready to pay more for a house with an encapsulated crawl space. The resale value of the house is high after encapsulation.

Crawl space mold encapsulation in Warner Robins, GA, transforms the damp and moldy crawl space into a clean and dry area. Having a good crawl space encapsulation is an effective way to control the levels of humidity and moisture in the crawl space. Crawl space is an integral part of the house’s foundation and should be maintained like the rest of the house.