4-Point Checklist for Domestic Flights Booking

Booking the right domestic flight is a science. Once you have a checklist in front of you, there are very high chances that you’ll almost always find the best deal on your flight bookings. This post mentions a 4-point checklist that you should always keep handy when booking a domestic flight.

We all want our flights to be comfortable. Whether we are travelling for a business meeting, going on a vacation or visiting our family, we want them to be hassle-free, comfortable, and affordable. Hence, we try our best to prepare for our flight from the moment of booking a domestic flight to when we finally land. Mentioned below are a few things that should be on the checklist of anyone who is planning to book a domestic flight.

Choose Your Flight Wisely

Nowadays, flyers have many options when it comes to choosing a domestic flight. With air carriers offering multiple flights on the same route in a day, it can often be tricky to choose the right flight. A few points you should keep in mind.

  • Check the departure and arrival time of the flight carefully.
  • Check the baggage limit.
  • Check if the meals are offered free or chargeable.
  • Check the cancellation/change in the itinerary policy of the flight.
  • Check the number of stoppages (if any).
  • Check the miles you can earn from booking the flight.
  • Check the final price of the ticket before booking.

Choose a flight that sits in the sweet spot of affordability, comfort, and convenience.

Plan the Details of Your Itinerary Carefully

Making the right domestic flight booking is not just about buying the right ticket. You need to plan the details of your itinerary carefully before making the bookings. A few things to keep in mind while booking are;

  • Factor-in the time you’ll need to reach the airport.
  • Know the terminals of both the departure and arrival airports – many cities have multiple terminals.
  • Check for all the connectivity options from the airport to your end-destination, such as cabs, metro, bus, etc. If there are no cabs readily available or the public transport system is weak, pre-book a cab to ensure your onward journey is hassle-free.

Check for Travel Restrictions

With the COVID-19 pandemic, this point has become an important part of the checklist for all the travellers. Make sure you check the following before you book the flight.

  • Check for restrictions imposed by the state governments, especially at the arrival city.
  • Check for quarantine rules, if any.
  • Check for the social distancing rules to be practised at the airports.

Most importantly check for the latest travel advisory released by the central and the state governments regularly before booking your tickets.

Use the Right Booking Website

The right booking website can help you book the right ticket and plan your travel seamlessly while cutting down your travel costs. Many travel websites allow you to book air tickets, and hence, here are a few points you should consider when choosing a website to make your bookings.

  • Choose a site that showcases domestic flight schedule from all the prominent domestic airlines on your route to help you choose the best flight.
  • Choose a site that helps you earn loyalty points or miles every time you make the bookings through them.
  • Choose a site that offers various options to earn/redeem these miles and not just by booking flights.
  • Choose a site that offers regular discounts and offers especially to its existing customers.

Bonus Tip: Join a Travel Loyalty Program

Whether you are a frequent flyer or someone who flies occasionally, a travel loyalty program can make your flying experience much more comfortable while reducing your overall travelling costs. These programs grant you miles every time you book a flight through them. In fact, some of them allow you to earn and redeem miles not just by booking flights but conducting a host of other activities through their partners such as filling fuel, dining out, staying at a hotel, planning a trip, etc. If you’re not already part of a program, make sure you choose a program that offers you the flexibility of choosing multiple airlines and not restrict you to just one or two airlines.