Planters for a Sustainable Indoor Garden in the Environment

In every part of our life, eco-friendly and sustainable alternatives to plastic are becoming more popular and in demand. When it comes to indoor gardening, there is no reason why things should be any different. Planters play a crucial role in indoor gardening. The sustainable plant pot on the market nowadays is made of plastic or metal. Why shouldn’t they be, then?

Plastic is affordable and enduring. Additionally, most metals are not biodegradable. They fall apart, but only after a long time; they are not virtually indestructible like plastic. Metal is not the most environmentally friendly material for indoor planters. Even glass, a much more expensive alternative to plastic, lasts for centuries in the environment. A glass or metal planter cannot be an eco-friendly substitute for plastic planters because we haven’t fully embraced recycling yet.

The challenge, therefore, becomes finding a sturdy, lightweight material for planters that won’t bust your budget too much. Yes, they must also be fully biodegradable.

The best online nursery in India, Urban Plant, has introduced some elegant, clear-cut, and straightforward solutions to these issues. Urban Plant is pleased to use its line of beautifully handcrafted, environmentally friendly planters that are also 100 percent biodegradable.

These sustainable bamboo plant pots, made from materials like bamboo, jute, and recycled rubber, make your indoor garden a shining example of sustainable living. Let’s see what Urban Plant offers and what sets these environmentally friendly planters apart from the competition.

  • Jute planters for Urban Plant

These handcrafted planters come in various colors and patterns and are timeless and subtle. One of the most underappreciated materials is jute. India is the world’s top producer, making it strong, long-lasting, and easily accessible. These sustainable jute planters will not only turn your home into a green haven. But will also give it a fun, playful look.

  • Recycled rubber planters from Urban Plant

There are two varieties of these recycled rubber planters: decorative wall-hanging pots and hand-painted plant pots. Again, they come in lovely hues and patterns that will gracefully complement any décor they are a part of it. Additionally, these rubber planters are inexpensive. Additionally, wall-hung decorative planters can add to the décor in various ways and help you make your indoor space. Three different styles get offered in the recycled rubber category.

  • Eco-friendly Bamboo Planters for Urban Plants

These adorable bamboo planters are well-built, inexpensive, and bring a unique style to any décor. They come in two series as well.

  • Series of Hanging

These have ties and can get hung from walls or ceilings. Together with the rubber planters hanging on the wall, they can offer a stunning contrast to their vibrant brilliance with subdued elegance. The hanging Bamboo planter series gets used in three different designs.

  • Series for Tables

These get work best for storing small decorative bonsais on your desk and complement any traditional, understated décor. One style gets offered by the tabletop series.