A Mystery Dinner Show Everyone Should Experience

A night at the theatre, a wonderful dinner, and solving a murder mystery are all terrifically entertaining experiences. Now imagine rolling all three into one night’s unique event, and you have The Dinner Detective show. Originally begun in 2004, the show has since become incredibly popular.

It is an audience-participation experience staged by professional actors and staff members who ensure guests are engaged in the plot for an entire evening. In addition to attending public shows, clients can schedule private or group events. The show’s organizers also offer murder mystery gift certificates that make ideal, unique gifts for various occasions.

The Dinner Detective Experience

Murder mystery dinner parties that allow guests to solve a “whodunnit” are not new. However, many shows consist of actors who just read lines. The Dinner Detective works differently and is definitely an audience-participation event.

Guests never know what will happen next, but they can expect non-stop action, and it goes on all around them. In fact, audience members can, and very likely will be, part of the show. The experience is designed to leave guests wondering whether they see something real or a scripted event.

As diners enjoy an amazing dinner and drinks, they become immersed in the interactive experience. The evening offers comedy, fun, excitement, and the challenge of solving a crime. Some diners may even find themselves suspects in a crime.

A Cast of Professionals Entertains Guests

Mystery dinner guests are seated at tables with other diners, some of whom are actually performers. Since they do not dress in costume, actors blend into the room, which is intentional. They interact with guests and may even interrogate them, and it’s all part of the fun.

The highly trained, professional performers seamlessly orchestrate a crime involving effects like pop-gun sounds or blackouts. Actors also help diners read clues and solve a mystery. They create a show that happens all around the guests, who can choose to participate or not. Every element of the evening is designed to delight and entertain an audience.

Entertainers Perform for Group and Private Shows

Customers can arrange a Dinner Detective performance for private or group occasions. Clients can request shows at any of the company’s locations, on any night they choose. Performers have experience entertaining all types of groups and are experts at crafting once-in-a-lifetime experiences for their guests.

Murder Mystery Dinner Events Are Great Gifts

Because a mystery dinner show is such an entertaining and novel encounter, many people who have enjoyed one want to share the experience with friends and family. With that in mind, the Dinner Detective offers gift certificates.

They are ideal for all adults, make the perfect gift for nearly any occasion, and ensure that recipients have an entertaining evening. Clients often give them at holidays, Mother’s Day, birthdays, Father’s Day, and Valentine’s Day.

The Dinner Detective is a company that offers guests a fascinating and entertaining evening that involves dining on wonderful food as they solve a murder mystery. It is an interactive experience orchestrated by talented, professional actors who engage with the audience. The company also performs custom private events and offers gift certificates.


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