Apps You Need To Have On Your iPhone ASAP!

You spend a lot of money to buy an iPhone, so it’s only fair you make the most of it. The App Store is full of brilliantly amusing apps with standout features that can make your iOS platform shine even more! But, which of these brilliantly amusing apps deserve a spot on your phone? You can’t spend a huge chunk of your time, effort, and energy to pick out the best apps to download. This is why you’ve found this article at the right time.

We’ve carefully handpicked the best iOS appsacross a wide selection of categories, so you can enjoy the perfect mix of all the handy apps needed to simplify everyday life. Let’s check out the App store gems that deserve a spot on your precious iOS platform.

  • Flow by Moleskine

Note-takinghas never been this fun before! Forget about carrying and buying multiple journals and notebooks now. The Flow app is an innovative and creative app that allows users to take notes and draw on infinitely wide canvases and be creative however they want. From customized writing tools in a variety of colors and sizes, like markers, virtual pens, and pencils to different types of paper with multiple grid options, this app has it all for the artsy side in you.

  • Deliveries

Do you know the hassle of dealing with packages and losing track of your parcels? It’s nerve-wracking and frustrating, to say the least. When you have incoming packages from multiple courier services, tracking them is a complicated mission. Deliveries is an outstanding app that helps the user track parcels through multiple courier services like DHL, UPS, USPS, FedEx, and more.

The app comes with a built-in system that returns delivery information via your emails and receipts stored on your iCloud and organizes a list to notify you of your deliveries. The delivery information allows you to view a sorted timeline of all incoming packages, delivered packages, estimated arrival time, location of the packages on the map, and much more. It’s like a handy personal assistant for managing your deliveries.

  • Photoleap by Lightricks

Even a phone with an incredible camera needs a great photo editing app to make the pictures standout even more. The award-winning photo editing app is a great addition to your app catalog. The editing options that come with this app are beyond incredible. If you’ve always wanted to explore your inner artist, download this app right now! From multiple special effects, filters and tonal adjustments to several presets, blending modes, film, and fonts, Photoleap is an app that can turn your ideas into reality with just a tap!

  • Wakeout

If you struggle with taking a break away from your work to work out, we got you! Wakeout is an app that helps you stay fit and healthy with simple exercises and brief workouts. It offers up to 1500 different with new ones being added every week. These exercises can be performed while sitting, standing, or even from your bed. Talk about releasing stress easily! It helps you stay active and energized throughout the day to take on whatever comes your way. There’s a reason this app bagged A Tom’s Guide award this year for bringing the best iPhone app!

  • JustWatch

Before the online streaming market was bombarded with numerous networks, producers, and platforms, there was only Netflix. It was our go-to place for ‘everything fun’ and it still is. But with other competitors in the market, it’s a challenge to keep track of which service offers particular movies and shows that we prefer. This is where JustWatch comes in to save the day!

To keep it simple, JustWatch is your TV buddy!It’s a service that covers and keeps track of all the latest movies and shows offered on different streaming services. Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos, HBO Max, you name it, JustWatch will help you find the series or movie you’re looking for and guide you to the streaming service that offers it.

  • Medium

Staying up to date with worldly affairs, events and the latest news is more important than ever in today’s time. But most of us hardly have the time to read newspapers or sit and listen to the 9 PM headlines. We rather much prefer short briefings of what is happening around in the world. Medium is a platform that allows people to share their writings and opinions on different news and events, offering you different views and perspectives to judge the news.

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Wrapping It Up

Your phone is the one thing that you spend most of your time on. You want to make sure it’s useful and adds convenience and fun to your life in every possible. Download these worthwhile and useful apps now for the ultimate iPhone experience!