Complete Speed Dating Guide For Men

Speed dating is among the best ways to meet different single people in one evening. Speed dating is a social function where you meet people from various backgrounds and can go on a proper date with them after the event.

However, attending a speed dating event can be a little discomforting. We all go through a problem of deciding what to talk about, what to wear, where to start, how to make it memorable and many more.

We know how to help you in such a situation. And so we are here with an article on a complete speed dating guide for men. This article will help men to make their date fun and successful.

About Speed Dating

As I already mentioned, speed dating is a better way for men to meet many women in a short period. As the name suggests, the whole idea behind this form of dating is “speed”. Speed dating has its own rules and patterns that should be followed. There is an entire structure and timeframe in which you impress the person in front of you.

You will be given enough time to build an impression of a promising date and to get a privilege to know whether or not to meet them again.

Speed Dating Guide For Men

Here we have drafted some speed dating facts for men to help them make the most of the night and achieve success in finding the right girl.

One benefit of speed dating is that you won’t be outpaced. There will be the same number of women there as men. So, each one will get equal time, and it will not be intimidating.

So, here are a few advises and tips for men to win the night-

  • Pre-think about the questions you will ask on speed dating. The questions will be your calling card so, be sure to make them good. Because the questions you ask will reveal much about you as well. Above all that, men should focus on what they are saying at function and listen to what she answers.
  • Your outfit will give the first impression of you, so it’s essential to wear an outfit that stands out and should be clean and crease-free. It would be best if you chose something that reflects your personality. Some good outfit options include- a good-looking t-shirt with a stylish jacket and jeans, polo shirts paired with chinos or shirt and trousers. You can pair your outfit with fashionable boots or stylish scuff-free shoes.
  • It’s a speed dating event, so you should act naturally and genuine in front of women. If you are naturally into comedy, then it will add up to your charm. But, don’t pre-rehearsed the line as it will look fake. Treat each woman as an individual.
  • Take notes after each short date. This is because it will not be easy to remember each woman. So, you will need notes to remember who was who. Remember to note who you would like to match with at the end of the event.
  • Since there will be an equal number of men and women, you have to stand out among them. So, to make an approving influence smile, stand up and sit straight, maintain eye contact and be confident.
  • The tone of your voice also matters. Maintain a monotone voice and talk slowly.
  • You will only have 5-6 minutes for yourself so, never bring your weak points. Avoid talking about your family, ex or break-ups.
  • Maintain an engaging conversation. Don’t talk by yourself only; listen to her as well. The rule should be that she talks 70% of the time, and you talk 30%. This will increase her interest in you, and she will want to know more about you.

I hope this complete speed dating guide for men will help you find a perfect match (woman) for you through speed dating events.