Cream Chargers: An Overview


Since the advent of cream chargers, they have grown in popularity and use. Bulk cream chargers have been utilized for a plethora of purposes, most specifically in the beverage and food industry. The cream chargers have the potential to efficiently and safely inject the pressurized gas, nitrous oxide, to be precise into a liquid and then finally aerate it. Apart from their professional use, they are also gaining a huge craze among home cooks. They are trying to recreate the culinary creations of well-known chefs.

What are cream chargers?

A cream charger is a cylinder, made of steel filled with nitrous oxide. The charger is used as a whipping agent in a cream dispenser. The nitrous oxide case features a foil covering on the narrow end which must release the gas. This is usually done with the aid of a sharp pin attached to the cream dispenser. The primary function of a  cream charger is to act as a whipping cream agent and aid in toppings for desserts, hot beverages, and foams in several other food items.

Functions of cream chargers

Apart from the primary function, bulk cream chargers also have several other functions. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Steeping solid flavors into a liquid within a few minutes. Vinegar steeping, oil steeping, cocktail, and alcohol steeping generally takes weeks for the infusion.

  • Creating foams and Espumas within minutes without using eggs. Cream chargers help in making better vegan-friendly recipes.

  • Making rich, delicious, and flavorful sauces and dips

Two primary benefits of using cream chargers


Cream chargers can instantly aerate the cream and chill it as well without using additional ingredients to achieve an airy and light texture. Furthermore, the outcome with a cream charger is better and tastes more flavorful since they don’t hamper the original taste and flavor. When alternatives like gelatin, calorie-dense stabilizers, etc., are included, the true flavor gets lost.

Longer edibility and freshness

Cream chargers also have the potential to preserve sauces, dips, and foams for a longer time. The best aspect about cream chargers is that they can preserve safely delicate mixtures with egg and other dairy products. This is because cream dispensers have air-tight seals. Furthermore, the preservation time frame is more in professional kitchens since they are aware of the perfect storage and preservation methods.


Bulk cream chargers are considered revolutionary in the food and catering industry. They are an excellent modern solution to older, and slower processes. When one uses cream chargers, he/she can be assured of getting a uniform, faster, uniform, and messy-free outcome every time, without much labor and time. One of the highlighting aspects of using cream chargers is that there is no compromise in the taste, texture, flavor, and quality. Several recipes are available on the internet helping home cooks to prepare with cream chargers hassle-free. Moreover, the cream chargers are available in abundance in varying brands and price rates. It is highly recommended to read and understand the manual guide before using the cream chargers.