Plan A Night of Murder and Intrigue

Residents of Salt Lake City have access to a unique and entertaining night at the theater. But this is not just any theater, and the guests will love the shows the theater has to offer. Murder mysteries offer a chance to solve a sudden crime set in modern times. Although it’s not required, all guests are encouraged to participate in an epic experience.

Upon Your Arrival at the Theater

As the guests arrive at the dinner theater, they listen to the introduction to the tale, and the host provides detailed instructions for each guest and explains what they can expect during the performance. Those who want to participate can review more details and find out more about the show. By participating, the guests get a better chance to solve the mystery. Patrons who want to learn more about the events and the theater can visit Dinner Detective now.

The Expectations of the Theater

The dinner theater requires all guests to adhere to the dress code which is dressy casual. Guests are advised against wearing jeans and loungewear to the event. The visitors must bring their ID and confirmation page for their reservations.

There are also age restrictions for the murder mystery events, and all patrons must be at least 15. Any attendees under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult throughout the entire event. The theater’s website provides details about gratuities that are included in the price of the show.

How It All Works

The guests arrive 15 minutes before the shows starts, and they will be greeted at the door. The guests will enter a reception area for the introduction, and then they will be seated according to their reservations.

As the show starts, the characters share details about the story, and they begin to reveal hidden clues about the murder when it is committed at some point during the performance. An investigator leads the case by discussing the events with the audience. After all of the clues have been revealed, the audience has a chance to solve the mystery.

Is The Killer Always a Cast Member?

No, the killer is not always a cast member. During some performances, an audience member could be revealed as the killer. The clues point toward the killer, and the audience must determine who it is. Some cast members are hidden in the crowd to throw the audience off the trail.

Are You Limited to Scheduled Events?

No, patrons can set up private parties and events for themselves and their loved ones. The theater offers options on their website for reserving private parties and offers a full price list for the packages. The patron fills out the request form and sets up their party according to the theater’s availability.

For a night of murder and intrigue, residents and visitors can set up a reservation for a night at the dinner theater. The events are scheduled by the theater and hosted three times a month. Patrons can learn more about the events by visiting the theater’s website now.