How To Know If The Person Is Addicted To Alcohol


Drinking alcohol is okay in the present ages but drinking too much alcohol can lead to many serious issues. For such cases, it is required to diagnose in the early stages and make them stop drinking. In worst cases, there might be a need for them to get appointed in an alcohol addiction treatment center.

There are various types of treatments that can be given to the addicts including medications, behavioral treatments, and making them join in support groups that have the same sort of people together.

Signs that can indicate that the person is addicted

There are few signs that should be seen and if it becomes severe, they have to be sent to an alcohol addiction treatment center for immediate recovery. Some of those signs include

  •     Drinking more than required or can’t stop drinking even after the party is over.
  •     Some people will forget the things they said or did while they are drunk.
  •     When they lie or deny the fact that they drank.
  •     Using stress or anxiety as an excuse to disguise their reason for drinking.

Treatment for the alcohol addict

As discussed in the introduction the treatment involves so many steps. The main goal of the treatment that can be done by an alcohol addiction treatment center will be to make the person lead his life without the support of alcohol.

  •     The first step includes detox and withdrawal from the alcohol within the medically acceptable limits.
  •     Then they will be sent to the professionals in order to set up goals and to learn behavioral management techniques.
  •     Counseling will be given in groups in order to explain to them the problem with alcohol addiction. This therapy can be done either in couples or individuals depending on the person’s interest.
  •     Medications include drug-like Antabuse which can instill weird physical reactions like headaches and vomiting when the patient drinks alcohol making him reluctant to drink more.
  •     Even after the patient is released from an alcohol addiction treatment center some centers will make sure that they are monitored with the help of support groups. They will make sure that the person will not get back his habit of drinking.

Natural medicine that can help with alcohol addiction

Along with the methods they use to treat the patients there are a few ways that are very comforting and easy to use even at home. They are

  •     Practicing yoga postures and controlling breathing by a few breathing exercises.
  •     There is a way to focus the attention on a single thing without any side thoughts when one practices meditation.
  •     Acupuncture is a process in which thin needles are inserted into the skin in order to reduce anxiety and stress along with depression.


There are many reasons why a person can be addicted to drinking. If the person drinks alcohol for a long period of time, his brain will become habituated to alcohol in order to perform normal basic functions.

Few people start drinking because of pressure from friends but they will not know how they got addicted in the first place. Identifying such people and helping them get detoxified is very difficult but can be done with proper planning and support from their family members.