Does buying tiktok likes ban your account

No doubt, buying tiktok likes come with great benefits, like increasing your video content more engaging, growing your audience, increasing your followers on your tiktok account, boosting your tiktok profile, etc.

But what happens if you buy tiktok likes from an unreal site or platform? Sometimes, people do not research on the platform to Buy tiktok likes and later observe that all their likes are removed from the video after some time.

Also, buying paid service tiktok likes sometimes leads to the banned situation of your tiktok account. There are some drawbacks of getting tiktok and not managing efficiently.

How does purchasing tiktok like work?

There is a good way in which tiktok like works for the profile.

  • If you buy TikTok from reputable merchants, then you can easily boost your tiktok profile. So stay careful while buying tiktok like
  • Never buy tiktok from fake websites because they get your payment details and hack your account and run away after taking the money.
  • According to the simple and general rules, buying tiktok likes is always worth it if you buy it from a real website.

Cons of buying tiktok likes

If the paid service of tiktok likes is not managed efficiently, then it leads to some drawbacks to your tiktok account.

  1. Destroy engagement rate

Usually, the buy tiktok likes are temporary only, which means buying likes never maintains the creator’s relationship with the audience. If your tiktok profile has gained many likes, it will not make authentic interactions with your followers.

Still, if you have real people in the follower base with organic traffic, then you can get rid of this disadvantage.

  1. Generate the inauthentic numbers.

Another downside of buying tiktok likes is that it gives a fake number of likes on your videos. Even if it takes effort and time to be determined by real users, your tiktok profile is rushed by the number of likes on videos that are not real.

How to determine that tiktok likes are fake

If you want to determine whether the like on your tiktok videos are real or not, you should check the numbers.

  • If you see the authentic number patterns of tiktok likes, then it means all likes are real else fake.
  • Real accounts always display the same patterns of the number of followers, likes, and followers count.
  • If your tiktok account follows many people but has not strong follower base, then it makes the chances of fake interactions, including buying tiktok likes


  • On the other hand, if your account has a lot of likes and followers on tiktok but not has enough interactions, then it gives an indication of having fake like on your tiktok videos