Find Your Betting Solutions in the perfect Setup

You should not think that when learning the raise of three times the bet you have to carry it out whenever the opportunity appears. Going back to the concept of semi-bluffing, you should choose for this move hands that are likely to become the best play after the flop or on subsequent streets.

Weak pairs are very good at triggering a triple raise as they have value and also hopefully on the flop they can improve and become the nuts (the best play on the table). In a similar way you have to see both low and medium straight-flush double projects.
And, as discussed above, if your opponent accepts your raise and you don’t improve your hand on the flop, don’t continue to invest your money with a possibly losing hand.

Poker Betting:

Another interesting bandarq is the 4-bet, one of the most important preflop weapons you can use in Texas holdem. Used as a bluff or for value, the 4-bet will make your opponents reconsider their play and as a rule they will throw their cards.

You must bear in mind that this movement is not exactly “cheap”, so we are going to see in this article how to use 4-bet to bring benefits and for this we are going to answer a series of questions first, such and as is customary in this series of articles.

What is the 4-bet poker bet?

This movement refers to making a bet of 4 times the big blind when the time comes and without having put money in the blinds. For example: the player in first position raises the blinds bet, the one before the dealer position raises the bet three times and you, from the dealer button, make the 4-bet.

Why make this move?

The 4-bet is done because you do it when you are still “cold”, when you have not invested anything in the pot before (either by blinds or by bets). This move indicates that you have very strong cards and players will normally fold, except those with powerful hands.

Where can you see the 4-bet?

This move is made only before the flop and as a general rule when in position (dealer). Because a raise and a re-raise are needed beforehand, it is mainly seen when the player is in late position or in the blinds (although in this case it would not be exactly cold as the blind would have already called).

When is this poker bet made?

4-bet works both in cash tables and in tournaments, although since we are talking about betting four times the previous raise, which is already three times the first bet, this movement does not it works when you have few chips.