The Best Strategies To Improve Qq Poker Game

Who doesn’t wish to play qq poker online? The third strongest starting hand the ladies have no restriction on Hold’em strategy. You must expect to win a huge amount when you get them. Despite the raw power of qq poker, not everyone understands how to play them wisely. With the aid of this blog, you can increase your chances of winning the game and win every time you play the qq poker game.

How To Play qq poker in Common Preflop 

You must run through the common preflop situation first when you are starting to play the qq poker game. The recommendation is for deep-but-not-super deep stack play for 100 big blinds.

Unopened Pots

Intuitively, qq poker has a strong hand preflop as it is the strong pair before the flop. So, you must raise preflop with qq poker when the action is folded. This is the simple trick that you should apply while playing qq poker.

You Must Play Against Raise

Your face is open, qq poker is strong and you must always place a 3-bet value. You will have an advantage both for 4-betting and the calling against your opponent.

Against a 4-Bet

If you face a 3-bet and 4-bet card value from your opponent, qq poker is always best played at a 5-bet shove. It might be not always for 40-52 percent equity when called varying on the positions, the amount of dead money and the fold equity that you get from the opponent is 4-bet bluffs and it makes the highest expected value on your investment. If your opponent is tight, you can do folding or calling. You must make sure to play the qq poker game wisely.

Against a 3-Bet

qq poker is a compulsory 4-bet value in most cases. There are chances where you might wish to mix in calls at least some of the time. You can decide to call with qq poker when you open from the middle or early position and face a 3-bet from any of the blinds. You are not at all incentivized to 5-bet in such as the case at equilibrium if your opponent’s range is strong and polarized. You must remember that against a polarized and tight range qq poker is not at all a clear-cut 4-bet in terms of value.

Tips for Playing qq poker Postflop

Let us discuss some of the tricks to play qq poker post-flop

Place Big Bets When You Have AnOverpair In Head-Up Pots

Overpairs are the best hands with which you can bet big. It is because they block only some combinations of top pairs. You wish your opponent to have top pair when you already have an overpair. This is in case if the board is connected and you have a vulnerable overpair such as jack or pocket queen.

Wrapping Up

You must apply these tricks to improve your qq poker game. In case of any particular hands giving you trouble then make sure to play the qq poker wisely.