Get An Auto Loan from Consumer Portfolio Services


Cars break down at inopportune times and leave drivers stranded on roadways. Once a vehicle is unreliable, it’s time to buy a new one. Auto loans provide an easy way to finance a new or used vehicle and give the driver a more reliable method of transportation. Applying for an auto loan shows them how much is available to buy another car.

How Much Can You Borrow?

Pre-approvals are the best way to find out how much a person has available for an auto loan. The lender reviews credit scores, income, and employment histories when approving or denying a loan application.

If the person cannot get the requested amount, the lender sends an offer for the highest loan amount. Even if a customer isn’t ready to buy a car right now, this tactic shows them how much is available to buy a car. Want to know how much you can borrow? Visit Consumer Portfolio Services right now for a loan offer.

What’s the Length of the Loan?

The loan’s duration determines how much interest the buyer pays overall and how much each payment is. Customers get smaller payments by extending the payments up to five years. Shoppers accept offers from lenders that are affordable and keep costs low. In addition to the auto loans, the buyer must pay for collision and comprehensive auto coverage. To define affordability, consumers need a quote for the auto loan, payments, and monthly premiums for auto insurance.

Can You Get a Co-Signer?

Co-signers are added to an auto loan when the original borrower’s credit score is too low or they haven’t established enough credit. Getting a co-signer helps borrowers get higher loan amounts sometimes. They also have a contingency plan if they lose their job and the consigner needs to take over the loan payments. Co-signers are parents or other family members in most instances.

What to Do to Lower Interest Rates

Higher credit scores lower interest rates on auto loans, but choosing the best time to buy also helps buyers get better rates. Shopping around reveals what rates are available most consistently. Many auto buyers apply for different loans to find the most affordable rate for them. Pre-approvals also show what rates are available through lenders.

Is Early Payoff Possible?

Yes, an early payoff of an auto loan saves money and helps the customer avoid extra interest and finance fees. The buyer gets a free payoff quote at any time through their user account.

Through the user account, the customer reviews their payment history, the current balance, and the interest rate. These details help them make decisions about the auto loan, and the user account has an easier way to send in their payments and pay extra on monthly payments.

Auto loans are beneficial for anyone who cannot pay the full upfront cost when buying a car. Payment plans are often affordable for consumers, and they can refinance to lower these monthly payments after one year of on-time payments. Want to buy a new or used car? Apply for an auto loan today.