Here Are 5 Good Reasons To Study An English Course In Singapore

According to the most recent statistics from Statista, approximately 1.5 billion people across the globe know how to speak English. Four hundred million from the given figure speak English as their first language, and the remaining one billion use it as their second language. With that said, there is no doubt that English has become the universal language.

One good way to better and improve your English skills is by taking up an English course or hiring an O level English tutor. In a research conducted by The English Proficiency Index in 2016, they showed the ten countries that are proficient and best at English as their second language. Singapore ranked as the sixth-best country in the research, which is why it is good to enrol in an English tuition centre or hire an O level English tutor in the country. In Asia, it is the leading country that has a very high proficiency level in English.

If you are still undecided, here is a list of benefits that may drive you to take an English course in Singapore.



It promotes memory improvement and cognitive proficiency.

Generally, education and learning can help with brain functionality. Learning English can improve your memory and cognitive abilities like any subject, course, or degree. English courses in the country educate you with a wide range of techniques to learn the language better. You may improve your pronunciation, grammar, dialogues, spelling or learn essay writing in Singapore.It is proven to be one of the most thought-provoking and effective ways to challenge your brain and keep it actively functioning. According to some case studies, people who are proficient in at least two or more languages have better memory retention and extensive attention span, are more cognitively artistic and perform better on various tasks.

Another reason to study an English course in Singapore is that it can help diminish the risks of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, helping people to stay mentally healthy for a more prolonged period.

It enhances listening skills.

Realistically speaking, students, or people in general, have an average attention span of seven minutes. The maximum is ten minutes if they are interested in the topic or subject. Studying an English course in Singaporecan help keep your brain functioning.

Most teachers from English centres utilise different teaching techniques to ensure your attention is on them and that you are listening. Some of the strategies used by O level English tutor to test your listening skills are rhyming games, open-ended questions, or storytelling. It can also be an assessment through essay writing for their Singapore students.



It sharpens up communication skills.

Aside from the enhancement of your listening skills, taking up an English course in Singapore can also sharpen your communication skills. Learning English helps develop your written and verbal skills and how you express and converse with others. Some tutors or teachers will teach you about starting dialogues and communicating with other people from other countries.

Through the help of an O level English tutor,you can communicate well, clearly, and efficiently with any nationality. You can use it in social, educational, or even professional settings. For instance, if you choose to work abroad, the best way to introduce and communicate with them is by using English. You can also use English for educational purposes, such as a poem, novel, or essay writing in Singapore.

It allows you to have a world-class education.

Another reason to study an English course in Singaporeis the fact that it can take you to places. Did you know that having an A-level proficiency in English can be your tool to enter the most prestigious universities across the globe? Most of the world-class and well-known universities are in the United States, England, Canada, and Australia. Some of these are Harvard University, University of Oxford, Stanford University, Yale University, University of Cambridge, and MIT. There is only one way to access one of these universities. That is to level up your proficiency in English. You can take an English master’s or get help from an O level English tutor.




It widens career and employment opportunities.

English, being the primary language across the world, can open and widen the employment opportunity doors for you. Whether you took up an English course or a master’s in Singapore, having a diploma can increase your hiring chances and have higher salaries. People with a high level of proficiency in English are highly in demand in international workplaces and global companies.

Two of the most prominent fields of business worldwide are the corporate world and international trading, which both use English as their means of communication. Also, most of the websites for world business and international trades are written in English. If you are still doubting whether to take an English course in Singapore, here are a few high-paying careers for English majors:

  • Social Media Manager
  • Technical Writer
  • Editor and Content Manager
  • English Teacher
  • Lawyer
  • Writer
  • Public Relations Specialist
  • Human Resources Specialist
  • Media Researcher
  • Journalist

You can also apply to various industries, such as science, aviation, computers, diplomacy, and tourism. English can come in handy and functional everywhere, so you will never run out of career options. But better opportunities will come your way if you are a pro in English. To master the language and improve proficiency, enrol in an English course in Singapore or contact an O level English tutor.


English has become the universal language for most people, fields of businesses, and industries all over the world, like science, politics, diplomacy, literature, media, and many more. The best way to equip yourself with skills, proficiency, and in-depth knowledge about English is by taking an English course in Singapore.It will be your weapon in different circumstances, considering that English is becoming the basis and standard for intellect. In today’s time, English is growing as a passport to success, intelligence, and careers. To equip yourself with the appropriate English skills, build your confidence, and enhance your global competence, get an O level English tutoror study advanced English-related degrees.

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