Miyar Valley: This trek will allow you to see the best of Himachal & Ladakh

Miyar Valley is a place where you will find endless plains and a carpet of flowers fed by a glacial stream. This area is located in the north-west corner of Lahaul–Spiti district and stretches more than 100km. Here you can see the best of Himachal as well as Ladakh. This valley is also known as the Valley of Flowers by the locals.

Trekkers have yet to discover it. The five-day trek begins at Khanjar, last village in Miyar Valley. It is 30 minutes from Shukto which is the last motorable point. During this trek, you will cross grasslands and flower beds, as well as mountain streams, moraine, boulders, and traverse a variety of terrains.

How do you reach Khanjar

To reach Khanjar, you will need to take the HRTC (Himachal Roadways Transport Corporation), bus from Keylong to Shukto. To finally reach Khanjar, you will need to walk for 30 minutes from Shukto. There are frequent buses that run between Manali and Keylong. Shukto is the best option as there are many options.

Difficulty level

The moderately difficult Miyar Valley trek can be done. The trek is mostly on large grasslands, which are quite easy. However, it becomes difficult when you need to walk along boulders and moraine to cross rivers.

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