Hiring a lawyer for your Utah divorce? Consider these aspects!

If you fulfil the residency requirements, you can finalize your no-fault divorce in Utah within months. It is enough to cite ‘irreconcilable differences’ as the ground for a no-fault divorce. While this is the cheapest and simplest way to end your marriage, not all no-fault divorces are simple. It is always wise to have an attorney on your side, so as to protect your rights and interests. Here are some aspects to consider before hiring a divorce lawyer in Utah. 

  1. Serious threats and concerns, if any. If your marriage involved cruelty or violence at some point, your spouse may not take the divorce lightly. In case you fear for the safety of your child and family, or are worried that your spouse may cause harm, you have to find an attorney experienced with such cases. The right Sandy domestic violence lawyer can ensure that you get a protective/restraining order in time. 
  2. Cost of the attorney. The same divorce lawyer cannot represent you and your spouse. While there is no law that you have to hire a lawyer for your Utah divorce, you have to hire one when your spouse is seeking legal representation. Most attorneys work on a retainer fee, or charge an hourly rate. If yours is a no-fault uncontested divorce, the lawyer may not charge as much. 
  3. Experience of both mediation and trial. Keep in mind that good divorce lawyers always want clients to settle their issues outside of court. In fact, if you have minor children, the court will encourage you and your spouse to resolve issues through a custody agreement on your own. For mediation and to simplify the process, your divorce lawyer has an important role. A lawyer should also have courtroom experience, just in case the matter ends up in trial. 
  4. Availability and accessibility. You need an attorney who is available to meet you and answer your questions. Law firms may not assign the same divorce lawyer you met initially for your case. Ensure that the lawyer you choose has the experience and expertise to deal with circumstances surrounding your divorce, and you should have access to the lawyer. 

Although your divorce lawyer is not your therapist, they are expected to be immensely supportive when needed. Also, a good lawyer will let you know what to expect from the divorce, keeping other factors in mind. If you want to find the right attorney, you have to think about their profile, rather than their charges.