How To Maintain & Repair an HVAC System?

We rely on an efficiently operating HVAC system to keep our homes and families comfortable and safe during sizzling summer days and chilly winter nights. With the constant demand on our HVAC units, the need to ensure that they are regularly maintained is crucial to their reliability and longevity.

Continue reading for suggestions on how to maintain and repair your HVAC systems.

Change the Filters

Routinely removing your air filters and replacing them with new ones is an important task for all homeowners to complete. The air filters in your HVAC units remove dirt, particles, and debris from the air.

With usage of your HVAC system, the filters get clogged. If the air is no longer being filtered, you and your family are not breathing the quality air that you do with working filters. In addition, your HVAC unit cannot operate as efficiently with dirty air filters.

If you are not certain how to perform this task, ask your professional HVAC technician.

Install or Adjust Smart Thermostats

A programmable thermostat will help you better maintain your HVAC system. If you already have one installed, changing its setting to mirror weather conditions should be done to obtain all the benefits of the controller.

Utilizing a programmable controller to change the heating and cooling settings for your home will add to the comfort of your home and increase the operating efficiency of your HVAC system.

Remove Debris from Outside Units

Throughout the seasons, grass clippings, leaves, and other debris are blown around your yard and lands on your outdoor HVAC unit. Blocking the air flow in and out of the unit will reduce the unit’s ability to operate effectively. Some of the debris can also become entangled in the unit, which can cause your HVAC to stop operating.

In addition to removing dirt and particles, be sure to prune any plants and bushes that are growing near your unit.

Use Fans and Window Treatments

With the number of hours and days that HVAC systems operate, giving them a break can help in their maintenance. Opening windows and turning on fans to let in fresh air will improve the air circulation in your home and let your HVAC rest. When your HVAC system is running, fans and window treatments can work in unison with the HVAC units to cool and heat your home.