How to Find The Right Weight Management Clinic in Singapore

Health and wellness matter a lot to hard-working Singaporeans. And for some, maintaining great health includes losing weight!

Admittedly, weight management is not an easy task. Some people struggle with losing weight, while some people struggle with gaining weight. Whatever your issue with weight management may be, it’s a pretty normal thing to go through.

There are thousands of people around the world that struggle with weight management. Because, unlike the common misconception that losing and gaining weight is all about your diet, other factors can affect weight management. Each case differs from one another and for some people to do well in this endeavour, they might need the expertise of a weight management clinic.

Today we’ll be discussing what weight management is and how patients can seek the help of the right wellness centre in Singapore! But before anything let’s first discuss some of what weight management is.

What is Weight Management?

Wikipedia defines weight management as a phrase to describe the techniques and underlying physiological process that affects a person’s ability to gain or lose weight.

It’s the process of adopting long-term lifestyle changes to maintain an ideal body weight based on a person’s age, sex, and lifestyle. There are various methods for weight management. And which methods are appropriate for a patient differs from one another.

Unlike the term diet, weight management is preferred by physicians as it goes beyond food intake to treat patients. It often includes using exercise with healthy eating patterns to maintain a certain weight.

Admittedly, some people find weight management pretty easy. They don’t struggle with losing or gaining weight. But as we’ve mentioned earlier, that’s not the case for everyone.

Some Singaporeans have a hard time maintaining healthy diets due to their busy schedules. Others find little time to work out or engage in other exercise sessions. On the other side of things, some Singaporeans have tried everything from the latest diets to shortcuts like slimming coffee. But despite their efforts, they’re still struggling with weight management.

This is because a large majority of the public don’t have enough knowledge of weight management. Not everyone understands the other factors that affect how we gain or lose weight.

Factors That Affect Weight Management

if you go to a wellness centre in Singapore and ask them why you’re struggling to maintain your weight, they probably can’t give you a single answer right away. This is because experts know that there’s no definite answer to why a person struggles to lose or gain weight.

Here are some of the commonly ignored factors that affect our weight.


Overweight and obesity tend to run from one family to another, suggesting that genetics may have something to do with it. Your chances of becoming overweight are greater if one or both of your parents suffer from obesity.

Genetics can easily affect the amount of fat that you have in your body and where they are stored. That’s why when a patient visits a weight management clinic for body treatment in Singapore, they’ll inquire about your family history.

Ethnicity or Race

Some racial or ethnic minority groups have higher chances of obesity than others. For example, African Americans, Hispanics and Latinos in America have higher obesity rates than Caucasians.

The same theory applies to both men and women. Though most Asian Americans have lower chances of becoming obese, they’re still at risk of illnesses associated with obesity if they have a lot of unhealthy fat.


It’s normal for us to gain weight as we age. Singaporeans that have a normal BMI often start to become heavier in young adulthood. And this trend will continue until they hit the age range of 60 to 65.

On the other hand, kids who suffered from obesity when they were younger are likely to become obese again as adults.


A person’s gender can also affect the places their body uses to store their fat. For example, women tend to build more fat around their hips and buttocks. On the other hand, men store fat around their abdomen or belly.

If there’s a lot of extra weight around the abdomen, it could put people at risk of several health problems despite having normal weight.

Culture And Eating Patterns

Your eating habits and overall lifestyle affects your weight. Some people love consuming meals and beverages that are high in fat, salt, and other added sugars. While on the other hand, some people love eating large amounts of unhealthy food while not engaging in any sort of physical activity.

The less active a person is and the more unhealthy meals they consume, the harder weight management becomes. Your religious or ethnic culture can also affect your weight through shared eating or lifestyle habits.

Sleeping Habits

If a person doesn’t get enough sleep, they have higher chances of snacking and consuming more calories. Physicians recommend that adults within the age range of 18 to 64 should get at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep a day.

Patients in the age range of 65 and older should get 7 to 8 hours of sleep a day.

Other Factors

Besides the ones we’ve mentioned above, other things could affect your weight such as underlying medical conditions, certain medicines or treatments, eating disorders, as well as stress.

If you’re unsure which one of these factors are contributing to your struggle with weight management, you should pay a weight management clinic in Singapore a visit.

Their experts will help you figure out the factors that are contributing to your struggles in weight management. As we’ve discussed earlier, your struggles could be linked to several different factors, not just one. And for you to succeed in your weight management journey, you need to be able to pinpoint the main cause of your struggle and start from there.

Your chosen wellness centre in Singapore should be able to recommend techniques and other methods that work best for your case. Nowadays, it’s not enough to just do everything on your own, especially if it has something to do with your health.


How To Find The Right Weight Management Centre in Singapore

The first step to better weight management is seeking professional help. There’s nothing wrong with asking for help when it comes to health-related matters. And if you want to seek the help of a wellness centre in Singapore, there’s no shame in that!

Here are some of the things you need to do when finding the right provider for your needs.

Involve Your GP

Before joining any weight management program, you can always seek the help of a professional you know, your general physician. Talk to your doctor and you could review some of the medical issues that could be affecting your eight together.

They could help you find the right wellness management program for your needs and could even recommend you to providers they trust! Share with them your weight management journey and which areas you’ve been struggling with.

They’ll assist you in gaining a better understanding of your body.

Consider Your Personal Needs

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to weight management. Part of finding the right program and the right wellness centre for yourself is considering your personal needs.

Think about all the fad diets you’ve tried and what you didn’t like about them. Keep in mind the things that didn’t work and worked for you. This will help you identify the preferences you have when it comes to weight management.

Another thing you need to consider is your budget. Each weight management centre in Singapore has varying rates. If you want to stick to a certain budget, you need to discuss this with your chosen wellness centre.

Consider Health Conditions

Any other health conditions that could hinder you from engaging in certain activities is another thing you need to consider. If you have asthma, diabetes or any other heart diseases, you need to consider these as well.

Cultural Limitations

If you have any ethnic or cultural preferences when it comes to food, you also have to keep this in mind. These are some of the things that your future weight management clinic needs to know if they are to recommend diets or other lifestyle changes.

Keep in mind that weight management is meant to be holistic. It shouldn’t just focus on diets or food intake. Experts know that to develop a healthier weight, lifestyle changes are a requirement. Weight management programs aim to help patients develop healthier eating patterns and better lifestyles to maintain a healthy weight.

It’s not enough for them to just change the food they eat and other meals they put into their bodies. Other techniques like exercise and other physiological methods should be involved. And for your chosen wellness centre to create a universal approach for your needs, they need to know these things.

The right weight management centre in Singapore will help you balance your personal needs, cultural or ethnic preferences, and health requirements to curate the right program for you. They won’t just introduce some fad diet or regimen that they’ve used to other patients. They’ll make sure that your program is created for you and your needs alone.


Things To Look For in A Weight Management Program

Sticking with a holistic approach in weight management, how does one know if the program they’ve been referred to is the right one for them?

A safe and successful weight management program should have the following:

Lifestyle Counselling

The right wellness centre in Singapore will offer you a body treatment that also includes behavioural treatment.

The body treatment should help you develop healthier eating habits like keeping food records or workout journals.

Right Information

The right body treatment should teach you about the right information you need around better sleeping patterns, managing stress as well as the risks of weight-loss shortcuts.

Over the recent years, dietary pills and weight-loss beverages have become popular all over Singapore. And while some Singaporeans have seen great results from these shortcuts, it doesn’t mean they’re safe. The right weight management clinic will teach you how to be wary of such things.

Consistent Monitoring And Support

The best body treatment in Singapore should value the process. Again, weight management is an ongoing process.

A proper wellness centre will provide their patients with consistent feedback and support through their journey. Be it through in-person consultations, through online calls, by phone or through a combination of them.

Slow And Steady Goals

 A good weight management clinic understands the hardship of maintaining your weight. They would never set high goals during the first part of the program.

Maintaining Plans

The other real struggle that Singaporeans experience is during the maintenance phase of their journey.

But the right body treatment program will help you develop a plan to maintain your new weight.

The approaches they may recommend include goal setting, keeping a food journal and counselling support.

A good weight management clinic knows the struggle of changing your lifestyle habits within months. And instead of letting their patients venture on the remainder of their journey alone, they would offer the best support that they can to them.

They would assist them in developing fail-safes to ensure that they stay on track and healthy. The best wellness centre knows that staying on a healthy path is key to maintaining one’s wellness. And they would never let you venture on this alone.

Key Takeaways

There’s no shame in struggling with weight management. We are, after all, different from one another. Some of us could do well on our own, while some of us might need some extra help. And that’s okay.

A good wellness centre in Singapore will help normalize the idea of seeking professional help when it comes to weight management.

Our weight plays an important role in our overall wellness. And just like everything else about our bodies, it can be impacted by a lot of factors that cannot be controlled. That’s why it’s best to seek the opinion of a professional to help us develop new coping mechanisms that’ll lead us to better health!

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