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Problems That Arise During Renovation of Older Homes

The buying and renovation of old properties can be a good asset as the building may have an old-world attraction, it could comprise old-style design structures, a good locational benefit, tall ceilings, and a lot of freshness which is not accessible in newly constructed homes. You can keep your personal touch when renovating your old property. Home renovation is at all times a thrilling procedure but probabilities are high that one will face some unforeseen footraces while renewing an old property. In this article, we have mentioned the hidden problems that can arise during the renovation of old properties. While working on the renovation, always hire the best architects in India, Radvi that can make your work smooth and less time-consuming. For that purpose, you can also contact the best real estate agency in India, Radvi. You can call Radvi’s has a professional team of designers and architects work at your place.

What are Problems That Arise During Renovation of Older Homes?

Harm due to humidity

Water leakage is one of the main difficulties in old-construction places. The water may leak in from the roof, from the neighborhood, from the walls, and from leaking plumbing lines. Always keep in mind to employ a waterproofing advisor who can classify and seal the dented walls with new plaster and waterproofing mixtures to control humidity. Also, substitute the leaky pipes and make delivery for good airing during the makeover of the home. Saving home from humidity will always be a good option. That’s why you should choose the professionals who can give you better consultation regarding such matters.

The pops in wooden windows and doors can be a probable source of water leakage and moisture. It is sensible to go for modern uPVC windows which imitate the look of wood. The building or a large area may also get spoiled due to the growth of mold, decay, or a vigorous termite infestation that booms in moist conditions. It is suggested to get rid of the spoiled wood that is crawled by termites. You should also go to a pest control facility that can provide specialised actions to kill termites. Never leave such things unactionable otherwise it may create problems afterward.

Cracks in the foundation

Another main problem is the occurrence of visible cracks in the foundation of the place, especially if the house is an old property. Cracks are generally shaped due to water retaining in the foundation or due to the subsiding soil below the structure.

You should appoint a knowledgeable structural engineer who can examine the building, recognize the cracks and discover a solution to fix all the operational problems of the house. The best architects in India usually know the reasons for the occurrence of such problems. Hiring a good architect will solve half of these problems. Even during the renovation period, they will let you know the steps that should be taken for these problems. You can find the best professionals in home renovation and remodel on Call them to help you renovate your home.

Outdated plumbing lines

Old structures come with out-of-date galvanized sanitation pipes which rust over some time. All these pipes have to be substituted with new PVC pipes. A good professional plumber will know the importance of new PVC pipes. So, consult the best architects in India for such work, They will be helpful and know the value of your money.

Deprived workmanship

Before initiating the reconstruction work review the interiors and exteriors of the house for deprived workmanship and take passable measures to correct the same. You can work on these issues with the time being favourable. They can create big problems in the middle of the project. You should just keep that in mind and then only move on for the work.

Ancient electrical wiring

Old electrical wiring will not be able to take the weightage of current home appliances like air conditioners, geysers, refrigerators, gadgets, microwaves, and so on.

Subsequently, old electrical fixtures are dangerous and can be a fire threat, it is vital to hire the facilities of a knowledgeable electrical contractor to advancement the electrical system. The load control of the electrical wiring is dependent on the total number of electrical fittings, air conditioners, and appliances that need to be used parallel in the house. You can alter all the switchboards and include adequate plug points in the kitchen, bathroom, living room, and other areas of your home to fund all the appliances. The best architects in India will also introduce you to the best electrician who can help you out with these works. So, choose your professionals wisely. Contact Radvi to have the best people work for you.

Out-of-date layout

Some old houses have out-of-date layouts which cost heavy on the pockets. So, it is vital to rearrange the space without meddling with the construction of the building.

You should hire an interior designer who can revise the layout so that the house is useful and appropriate for modern existence. Some of the characteristics of an old house are a trivial closed kitchen, pretty living area, balcony, narrow halls, and so on. Some of the best architects in India know for sure that what should be the qualities of a good household.


Get your property reviewed by the best architects in India before initialising the makeover work. The expert guidance will help guarantee smooth implementation of the work. Radvi can help you with such good guidance. Hire the best professionals to work on your project and make your home a new version of itself. You can call them to know the details. They deliver their services round the clock. They will also provide after-work services. You can know all the details just by visiting the website. Hiring the best architects in India will let you work on your project peacefully. You will spend less and enjoy a successful project renovation. You should first make a budget and keep suitable funds for emergencies because the makeover of older homes typically results in many unexpected expenditures.