Take a Scenic Tour of Cascades with the Help of Van in Black

Few things compare to the beauty of a natural waterfall, and the Blue Ridge Mountains hold many of these treasures. If you are planning a trip to Asheville in the future, consider scheduling a scenic tour of the area with Van in Black. Many waterfalls remain tucked away in remote areas or require people to hike to see them. Nevertheless, there are at least six waterfalls that can easily be seen by the road, and there is no fee to enjoy their beauty. Ensure they are included as part of the tour, as you won’t want to miss them.

Bridal Veil Falls

When visiting the NC Waterfalls Byway, set aside time to see Bridal Veil Falls. This waterfall sits along US Highway 65 close to Highlands, and can easily be seen from the road. However, have the driver pull into the paved area, so you can get a better look at the 60-foot cascade which shimmers in the sun as it comes off the cliff.

Dry Falls

Set aside time to explore Dry Falls during your scenic tour. This is one waterfall you do not want to drive by because visitors have the opportunity to walk behind the cascade rather than simply seeing it from the front. Follow the short-paved trail to shelter under the cliff overhang. This overhang gives the waterfall its name, as visitors don’t get wet when they follow the trail. As this cascade sits just one mile from Bridal Veil Falls, fitting both into one trip is effortless.

Glassmine Falls

Remain in the car or climb out at the Milepost 361.2 overlook on the Blue Ridge Parkway to see the beauty of Glassmine Falls. Visitors find the best views come after rain, as the water makes its way down a rock cliff. The name comes from an old mica mine that used to be in the area.

Looking Glass Falls

The Pisgah National Forest serves as home to Looking Glass Falls, a 60-foot cascade that remains one of the most photographed in the South. This waterfall gets its name from Looking Glass Rock. When water freezes on the sides of the rock in winter, it takes on the appearance of a mirror. Only 35 miles from Asheville, this waterfall comes with ample parking along US Highway 276. Ask the driver to stop and visit the accessible observation deck where they can take pictures of your group. Take the stairs to visit the base of the falls before returning to the vehicle where the driver will be waiting to take you to your next destination.

Soco Falls

Situated on the edge of a Cherokee Indian reservation, Soco Falls is a twin waterfall located along Highway 19. The two creeks make their way to a cove adorned with rhododendrons amongst a backdrop of trees. Visitors can take a short walk to better see the beauty of the creeks from an observation deck.

Toxaway Falls

When making your way along Highway 64, remain on the lookout for Toxaway Falls. There’s a bridge by the Lake Toxaway Dam that hides this 200-foot treasure. To see the waterfall, park on the side of the bridge and follow the ridgetop walkway to see the cascade making its way over bedrock.

Book a scenic tour and your driver will ensure you not only see these waterfalls but the beauty of North Carolina. They’ll point out other features that may be of interest to you that might otherwise get overlooked. This is a great way to explore this area of the state while fully enjoying yourself. Book your tour today.


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