What Is Managed VPS Hosting?

While Shared and Dedicated Hosting were the traditional hosting options, with the development in technology, Virtual Private Servers Hosting has evolved as a powerful website hosting option. 

In a VPS Hosting architecture, your site is hosted on virtual servers which are created by using server virtualization techniques where each server has dedicated resources, account isolation, and full root access. This means that you can make changes to the virtual server, install third-party software, and create custom modules based on the requirement of your site. 

However, this also means that you need some technical proficiency to make these changes. This was one of the reasons behind the lack of popularity of VPS Servers in its early days. However, VPS providers realized the issues faced by people and started offering Managed VPS Hosting where they assigned a team of technical experts to manage all site management and maintenance tasks. 

In this article, we will talk about managed VPS Hosting to help you understand its benefits and features.

Managed VPS Hosting

As explained above, Managed VPS Hosting is a web hosting service where the host ensures that all site management and maintenance activities are managed by a team of technical experts on your behalf. This is beneficial to site owners who don’t have the time, knowledge, or inclination to get into server management. Here are some features and benefits of opting for Managed VPS Hosting.

  1. Security: Creating a secure hosting environment for the site is one of the most crucial aspects for a site owner. This involves server security, ensuring that the site is free of any vulnerabilities or loopholes, and keeping the software and applications updated at all times. This requires time and basic technical know-how. With Managed VPS Hosting, the technical team assigned by the host takes care of all these tasks and creates a secure hosting environment.
  2. Control: While Unmanaged VPS services offer more freedom since you can make changes to the server without having to go through a technical account manager, it also carries risks. One error can break your site and render it down until the issue is resolved. With Managed VPS Hosting, the technical manager is experienced in managing VPS Servers. Therefore, you can communicate the changes you need and the manager will execute it after ensuring due diligence. This helps you maintain control over the server without worrying about errors.
  3. Technical Support: When you run and manage a site, there can be glitches, bugs, errors, and various other issues that can cause site performance issues or even result in downtime. These are the times you need access to a technical support team to troubleshoot issues and ensure uninterrupted site services. With Managed VPS Hosting, you have a technical expert to call in case of any such issues.

Summing Up

A VPS Server is like a dedicated server with certain limitations. However, the cost of VPS Hosting plans is much lower than dedicated plans. Since a VPS offers full root access and account isolation, you can customize the hosting environment as per your site’s needs. If you are not technically proficient, then buying a Managed VPS Hosting plan can help you make the most out of the VPS and offer uninterrupted services to your customers.