Effective Studying Tips To Never Get Distracted Again

Have you ever promised yourself that you are going to study for the next two hours without getting distracted? The next thing you know, you are either scrolling through your Instagram feed, laughing at a meme, or talking to a friend. Consequently, you feel unmotivated and stressed about your future. Being unable to achieve our goals for a long time might trigger the stress hormone and have a deeper impact on our psyche. Technologies have brought uncountable convenience to our lives and have an innumerable positive impact on us. Nevertheless, our power to focus on one thing at one time has decreased significantly due to the large amount of data that we consume regularly.

  • Use apps to stay focused- Apps are available to help you keep track of your study time, in addition to tapping on your breaks so that you can maximize your time. The time assigned for work and breaks is scientifically tested to ensure the maximum optimization of the brain. You can even have a doubt solving app for all subjects that can help you stay focused and not get anxious with any doubts.

  • Use separate windows on your computer- It is not practical to set all your tech devices aside while studying today as the virtual and real mediums have integrated for better learning. Even small things, like using separate study and free time windows can help your brain understand the difference and pay more attention when you are studying. Avoid multitasking, as it might seem like a great idea at first, but if you do your homework along with listening to some educational podcast, your productivity, speed, and ability to grasp drops drastically. Multitasking can be great when you are drawing or cooking, but when you are learning, all of your attention should be focused in one direction. If you are using apps like doubt nut, use one at a time rather than multitasking.

  • Clear Your Space- You only need to have the most necessary things around you and remove the rest so that you are free from any distraction whatsoever. Additionally, if you are studying physics now and are going to start your maths lesson afterwards, you can keep your math textbook out of sight so that it does not distract you while you are studying physics.

  • Make notes- If you write down what you learned from the lessons, you are less likely to forget it as we are better able to retain information written in handwriting. You can also transfer your thoughts to paper so that they are not hanging in your head. It can help you clear your mind and focus better. You can keep a doubt app for your doubts so that you are less distracted and have informative notes.

  • Block out distracting noises with music- You can zone in on your studies even if there are noises in the background by plugging in your earphone and listening to calm and relaxing background music at any time of the day. This way, you can mute all distractions and focus on exactly what you are supposed to do.

Meeting our daily goals regularly boosts our self-esteem and reduces our stress levels. Over time, training these muscles like any other muscle in your body will yield significant results.

James Sullivan
the authorJames Sullivan