Tips To Write High Scoring Essays For Your Boards This Year!

You may choose one of the following topics to write about (in approximately 400-450 words). Every time we read this question it has felt like a chore. But we had to do it for the marks. So why make this a chore when you can pour in your creativity with the standing writing tips. Here’s how you can make your essays stand out, with these helpful guidelines.

  • Read the topics carefully!

Yes! Believe it or not, essay topics are highly misread. Make sure you read them right. Because there is no point in writing an endless essay when you didn’t even get the topic right in the first place.

  • Instructions to read:
    This is important. Boards like ICSE & CBSE boards are very strict about instructions. There are even online tools like a doubts & question paper app that specify and train students to compile their answers according to the board instructions. For example, there are a few boards that would need you to jot down basic calculations for a specific math problem and there are some boards that won’t even give you marks for extra steps. Similarly, for essays, you make sure you follow the instructions which your board aligns with.
  • Structure your essay:

Your answer must be well organized. Ideally, introduce your essay with the main topic. Throw in some general statements, numbers and the current facts surrounding the topic. Keep in mind that your introduction should be simpler with easy facts and quick understanding. The body comes next. Support. Support. Support! All your body needs are statements that hold true value when you put in. Get creative here, tweak sentences and throw in a lot of verbs while you do it. Lastly, conclude with a summary, final points and add in your personal statements if needed.

  • Concise & clear:
    Readability is a major factor to take into consideration. Essays are no math problems or chemical bonds, that should make a reader stop and ponder upon. Even if it was, shouldn’t an essay be called an “organic chemistry solomons” handbook? Not such a humorous joke but this is true! Make sure you have a flow in writing. So when a reader reads, he or she can learn how you write or the writing style that you dwell in.
  • Grammar & Punctuation:

A good story with bad grammar is just like getting the right math solution with wrong calculations. There are so many books you can refer to grammar from. Today you got online tools for the same. There are extensions and apps like Grammarly, Wordtune etc that help you correct your mistakes online. Typing essays can be useful in helping you check quick grammar changes.

This should sum up how you can write a high scoring essay. It’s true just an article can’t tell you a huge amount of knowledge. Hence, you have Kunduz. This is a doubt solving platform that helps students with board and competitive exams. A competitive exam solution or a math solution app, call it as you may, Kunduz is here to prepare you.

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