Things You Need To Know About Getting A Data Science Course In Singapore

Students look up universities months before they graduate high school to take the course they want and follow their dreams. You will encounter some of them asking their classmates what program they will get or which school they will attend. There are many courses to choose from, and you only need to pick one.


When you hear the words college or bachelor degree, it gives a nervous yet exciting feeling. You will enter a new chapter in your life, new people to meet, and the start of your dreams. But the truth is, getting a bachelor degree in Singapore is fun. You will learn things you were curious about years ago or know about other courses and what they do.

You will also have the chance to meet people that you only knew through research or interest in that field. As time goes by, getting a bachelor degree does not feel like getting it. More like, you are doing it because you are having fun. These are the things you need to know about a bachelor degree:


Having a bachelor degree has many benefits. However, taking it must be one of your priorities. Here are some of the benefits of getting a bachelor degree in Singapore:

  • Job opportunities – having a degree helps get a job, and it will be your tool in keeping it. These days, a bachelor degree provides you with a good advantage.
  • Earn money – studies show that people who have a bachelor degree gets to earn more than those people who are non-college graduates.
  • Applied skills – mould your skills while you study, so what more in a professional setting? Get the course meant for you and your skills, so you could apply it and enhance it.

There are many benefits to taking a bachelor degree. But note that you need to earn these because not everything is there in a blink of an eye.


Before you go into college, you need to know the different categories of bachelor degrees. This way, you will know which class your course will be. Studying college usually takes 4-5 years, based on your program.

These are some of the bachelor degree categories that you need to be familiar with:

  • Bachelor of Science – courses under this category involve science and mathematics. You could get a degree in computer science, engineering, and natural science. These are the usual courses taken by students.
  • Bachelor of Arts – usual courses in this category include philosophy, social sciences, humanities, and communication.
  • Bachelor of Business Administration – programs taught here are about finance and operations of a business.

These three categories are just some of the many usual courses in Singapore.


Bachelor degrees in Singapore have two different elements, and those are the electives and the core classes. Universities and students follow a curriculum to earn a bachelor degree. Core classes include general education subjects – English, math, history, and science. Electives are the subjects related to the course you want to take.

Some students consider the bachelor degree as their way to get a master’s and doctoral degrees.


A bachelor degree is an investment, not only for the children but for their parents. Education is something that they could richly provide to their children. So, if you get an opportunity, earn it.

Taking a bachelor degree will not be simple at first. Always believe in yourself, your skills, and study hard to make everything worth it. Do not let your worries kick in, and focus on your goal and why you took it.



In a world where technology is emerging, people need to have more knowledge and understanding about it. Technology is what has been revolving around a person’s everyday life. Examples are smartphones, laptops, and the internet. Can you imagine your life without these things?

As time goes by, education emerges too. Now, some universities offer a degree in computer science in Singapore. These are the necessary factors that you need to know about it:




Taking a Bachelor in Computer Science will let you know more about technology, how to make it and how to downgrade it. If you are the type of person who enjoys solving problems, this is good for you. Here, you could program androids or robots or even build websites.

Once you graduate and work in a professional field, you could gain many experiences that can help you get a master’s degree. Once you earn a higher degree, you could get a job in other industries and research computer science. You could create a programming language and operating systems and produce theories.


Some people still get confused every time, especially when they are down. If you are interested in machines, cybersecurity, or research, you know that this data science course is the one for you. You might deny it, but in your mind, you are clear about what you want. Do not let anyone, especially yourself, hinder you from doing what you are interested in. Many people would also not appreciate the course you want to take by saying that it is overrated, and many people are taking it these days.

Sometimes, there are no right or wrong courses for a person, especially if you are the type of person who wants to explore anything and everything. A bachelor degree might help you in landing a good job. But if you do not have the skills to do it, it would be hard to stay in that place.


Mathematics is the best friend of computer science – calculus, linear algebra, and statistics are some of the subjects you will take. There are science courses that are related to technology and already covered in your degree. Good examples are abstract statistics forms, algorithm design, and computer organisation.

Once you earn these courses, you also need to take cryptography, data visualisation, and networks. Students who are already interested in it before getting a bachelor degree have advantages in learning it more thoroughly.

Aside from the subjects mentioned, there are still many subjects to take that you could use in the field once you graduate. Always pay attention to details and lessons. Once you do experiments or solve problems, focus more on the process to get the best results.

One of the best schools that offer a data science course in Singapore is the University of Northampton. They also offer different programs that include computers and technology.


Computer science has ten different specialisations that could help you choose a specific focus for the study. These have various applications based on where your interest would take you. These ten computer specialisations are:



Computer engineering is the most common degree in computer science. In this field, you get to learn the construction, implementation, and design of science. You will also know the maintenance and differences between software and hardware.

Computer engineering is usually the combination of computer science and electrical engineering that also cover the principles of mathematics, science, computing, and engineering. Applicable in networking, computer software, biomedical, design automation, cybersecurity, and embedded systems.


Robotics is a study where science, technology, and engineering are combined. After all, these are machines and called a robot, a programmable device that could do human movements. A data science course in Singapore offers this. However, not in every university.


Learning artificial intelligence or AI is one of the best computer science specialisations that you will learn. It is where you will know how to make a machine that thinks and moves like a human. Sometimes, it could be confused with robots, but AI is more complex.

They could do human actions, perceptions, learning, and reasoning without any human assistance or programming. It can be used by different industries and businesses, especially in the healthcare sector.


Machine learning is where you will apply AI. It focuses on computer programs and how to develop them further. This study of computer science will start from data, patterns, and observations. Instead of programming it, the goal is to make the computer learn without any human involvement.

There are supervised and unsupervised machine learning algorithms. Aside from that, there are also semi-supervised and reinforcement machine learning algorithms.


Once you take a degree in computer science in Singapore, the first thing that you will learn is data science. It is about the combination of programming, mathematics, domain expertise, and statistics that provides insights. It also helps when it comes to algorithms to text, numbers, videos, and images. Data science is for producing a more upgraded AI.


When it comes to computer science, computer security or cybersecurity is always there. It is necessary to learn this to upgrade computer systems and lessen cases of theft and unauthorised use. They will teach you how to do computer hardware and secure crucial and personal information of a person.


Software engineering is a specialisation where you will analyse, design, construct, and test applications using software programming languages. Applicable in software development for businesses and different organisations. Studying this requires time and budget.


This specialisation is a part of computer science, and it will teach you about the performance of computer and software programs. You will know how to give instructions to computers and what they should do. These are achievable through codes.


Computer networks are specialisations in computer science where you connect two or more computers to communicate electronically. It has different types of networks, and some of them are:

  • Local Area Networks (LAN) – commonly used at school, home, and office. It could connect computers, but into a limited area only.
  • Home Area Networks (HAN) – only used at home. It is for gadgets like smartphones, tablets, computers, and TV
  • Wide Area Networks (WAN) – covers a large area, usually more than a kilometre.
  • Personal Area Networks (PAN) – only used in a person’s workspace, and the network’s base is only one device. It can be wireless.
  • Metropolitan Area Networks (WAN) – covers a larger area, and it can be the size of a metro.

There are still other computer networks like internetworks, campus networks, backbone networks, and enterprise networks. However, people rarely use it, but it depends on what is applicable in an establishment.


In computer graphics, you will know the methods of combining computer science and design. You can create a three-dimensional model digitally and do it through texturing, rendering, and lighting and usually used in animations and comic strips.




Knowing technology is a big help to land a job in any industry and business. Since technology is where the world is revolving now, people would want to see how it will evolve to mould the future and the living of humans.

The jobs for a person who holds a degree in computer science are more on computers and technology, but they could also enter a different industry.


If you are a computer science graduate and got a job in the government, you could be a:

  • Computer Scientist
  • It Project Manager
  • Cybersecurity Analyst

These jobs are more on cybercrime and criminal justice.


Since you are already familiar with and aware of computer science, many doors would open for you if you stay in the technology path. You might be the following:

  • Data Scientist
  • Research Scientist
  • Network Architect
  • Database Administrator
  • Software Engineer
  • Software Developer
  • Information Security Analyst

Not to mention other jobs that require a master’s degree and a doctoral degree.


In the healthcare sector, you could be:

  • IT Professional
  • Software Developer
  • Healthcare Informatics Analyst

You would help in keeping medical data and records or fix computer systems.

But aside from looking for a great course to study, make sure that you enrol in a school that offers a UOL degree in Singapore. It not only gives an opportunity to get a job in Singapore but also in other countries.

If you want to get a bachelor degree in Singapore, visit Amity Global Institute. You will see the courses that they offer there.


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