Try Swimming Classes: 4 Fool-Proof Ways to Ensure Safety for Kids 

Swimming lessons are enjoyable in Singapore yet challenging for kids and their parents. It can be nerve-wracking for kids to think about spending time away from their parents and in a swim class with an instructor and kids, they may not know very well. Fear of or reluctance to enter the water is a possible cause.

Parents may be worried about various things, including their children’s health and safety, their mental health, and the impact of the Covid-19 outbreak on their families. And the benefits of taking swimming lessons cannot be overstated for the countless kids who take them.

Below are four strategies for keeping kids happy and healthy during their swim lessons.

1. Ensure a Safe Introduction to Swimming

To ensure a safe beginning to your child’s swimming lessons in Singapore, you and the instructor will work together to ensure they are handed to the instructor in a controlled environment. Your instructor should always jump in the pool first at the start of your lesson. A safe handoff to the instructor requires that you walk your young child to the pool’s steps holding their hand. Your older child can do this without you hovering over them if you give them clear instructions and work well with their teacher to ensure everyone stays on the same page.

2. Mind the Basic Guidelines

Before beginning swimming classes, teachers should read some ground rules and safety procedures that everyone should follow. Directing students to sit on the pool steps as soon as they enter is one of the most effective ways to achieve this. Then, the safety rules should have a good explanation because it is vital when interacting with a new swimmer for the first time.

3. Always Prepare for The Next Class

Students and parents of children enrolled in both swimming classes should exercise extra vigilance during the periods of overlap. First-years must know they can’t leave the pool before getting the okay from their teacher. Children should be aware of what to expect at this stage of their lesson; kids must be familiar with the established procedure that defines the signal for the end of class and identifies the proper way and location to exit the pool.

All new students should know they must wait for the first class to end before entering the pool. One student (or one class) at a time is all the attention an educator can safely give. Parents of second graders need to be on high alert during this time. Since the teacher is busy, parents must ensure the safety of their children on their own time.

4. Observe COVID Protocols

In light of recent events, familiarity with COVID-19 regulations is crucial before a SwimSafer test. When waiting to swim, students and their parents should keep their distance from each other and wear face masks as instructed by the swim facility. As COVID-19 spreads, parents need to stress the importance of their children practising safety and responsibility around other children and their parents.

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