Types of Essay Outlines and How to Use Them?

To write an essay perfectly, a writer needs to have a clear understanding of what their main subject is and how it should be presented. In such a case, it should be prepared as a plain text. It’s very important, as a good plan will help you to write an essay very readable and clear. So, to make a plan a writer should list all the important details that should be mentioned in an essay and structure them. But how to make this properly and make such a structure useful? That’s when essay outlines must be used.

The examples of essay outlines

  • Alphanumeric essay outline – a writer uses figures or letters to make a hierarchical structure of the points of the text. For example:
  1. Socialism
  2. Definition of socialism
  • Where did this philosophy develop?
  • How did it evolve?
  • Decimal essay outline – a writer uses only figures to make a hierarchical list. As an example:
  1. Socialism
    • 1. Definition of socialism
      • 1.1. Where did this philosophy develop?
      • 1.2. How did it evolve?
    • Short essay outline – a writer makes a plan of an essay with a word limit between 250 and 1500 words. It helps to make an essay easier to read and understand. Using such an outline, you will avoid too long sentences, keep all the main and important points, and get rid of some unnecessary parts. Example:

What is Socialism

  1. Introduction – What are the main statements of Socialism
  2. Present main features of this philosophy.
  3. Paragraph 1 – Socialism
  4. Define the main subject.
  • Paragraph 2 –History
  1. Tell about the development of Socialism
  2. Conclusion
  3. Summarize all the information provided in your text.
  • An extended or sentence essay outline is quite the same as a previous one but requires much detailed preparation and analysis of the work as it has a bigger length.