What to do when you need cash fast? 

Regardless of what your current financial status may be, we all get to a point in our lives where we need a little extra cash. It doesn’t take a lot to get through being cash-poor. 

Just look around your house. You have spent a lot of money getting all those expensive belongings you have. Many of the things may have held their value over time and would be good for a pawn loan  collateral. 

Banks do not typically give loans based on the same collateral that a pawnbroker would accept. Banks want something big. Sometime, leveraging that one big possession you have just to access a small loan isn’t worth it which is where pawnbrokers Brisbane come in handy. You do not have to leverage your expensive designer, multi-carat designer brand diamond necklace that is worth $30,000 just to access a loan of a $10, 000. If you look closely at all the other jewellery and all the other valuable things you can find something smaller and proportionate. 

Brisbane pawnbrokers offer small, quick loans. They usually offer pawn loans but they also buy unwanted goods and sell at a higher price for profit. Even though they sell items for far more than they buy them for, pawn shops are still cheaper than other retail establishments because they sell used goods.

They offer loans on anything from antiques, to jewellery, coins, collectibles, art, electronics, computers, cellphones, TV and a host of other things.

You may be wondering what you can expect to get for your items. The amount you will be offered depends on the item itself. 

If it’s an item with high market value and still in good condition, then you can expect a decent offer.  You can always go online to get some background information about the valuable its you have and what they are really worth before you take them to a pawnshop. However keep in mind that the information you get online might turn out to be different to what you can actually get from a pawnbroker. Also different pawnbrokers Brisbane work differently some prefer certain types of items more than others. For instance, it wouldn’t make much sense to try and get a good offer for gold jewellery from a pawnbroker who is more interested in electronic goods and computers. Rather take your gold jewellery to a pawn shop that is known for its jewellery, they will be happy to give you a good offer for your best pieces because after all, they make most of their money selling jewellery like yours. 

If you are happy with what you are being offered, it will take a couple of minutes for the paperwork to be done and for you to walk out with cash in your hand. This is better than trying to get a bank loan. That can take days and even weeks and approval is not guaranteed since it is subject to things like your credit score which aren’t always an accurate reflection of the borrower’s life and circumstance. 

For a quick, fuss free loan, visit your local pawnshop today! 

James Sullivan
the authorJames Sullivan