Avoid The Most Common Green House Mistakes With These Tips

It’s essential to mention that maintain a greenhouse requires some degree of attention and care, regardless of whether your plants are edible or ornamental. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the common mistakes that people make installing a greenhouse in their backyard. 

  • Humidity

There’s no denying the fact that excess humidity could encourage mould spores and diseases to create havoc in your newly set greenhouse space. Similarly, if you limit the humidity quotient, the plants will inevitably succumb due to thirst. Best if you can dig some research online to pair plants with similar humidity needs. 

Additionally, you can grow them at the same time. Otherwise, you could choose to build more than one miniature greenhouse, provided you have sufficient space for it. If space permits. Essentially, you could try misting to provide your plants with improved humidity.

  • Shade

It’s necessary to realise that plants require shed or covering to guard themselves against the sun, even in the winters. Installing a greenhouse cover will effectively raise the heat inside. Hence it’s best to go with a system shade to provide a protective layer against the sun. 

You can use the shades in various ways, like pulling them over the roof, mounting them by a pulley system against the interior of the greenhouse ceiling, or even installing an electronic motor and monitor system, for automatic operation of the shades. There’s no denying that this system will be more expensive than the other, conservative options.

  • Ventilation

It’s pretty natural for plants to develop diseases and eventually die under inadequate ventilation. Your backyard greenhouse must always feature vents; otherwise, your plants will be enduring boiling conditions- even on the coldest of day. 

You could always browse for automatic greenhouse ventilation systems with AC power options or battery or solar power. There’s no denying the fact that getting a ventilation device will relieve you from running all day long to open and shut windows.

  • Heating

It’s also equally important to consider heating for the plants during the winters. It’s essential to remember that winter temperatures fall dramatically, thereby exposing the greenhouse plants to a freezing atmosphere. There are greenhouse heaters available that are skilfully developed for a moist or outdoor environment. One mustn’t use the regular heaters for their greenhouse plants, for they seldom come with outdoor surge protectors and outdoor-rated power cords.

  • Plants

Lastly, one needs to grow the right plants at the right time to maintain an ideal greenhouse. You might have a list of plants that you wish to grow in your greenhouse. However, before beginning with the process, you must realise that space could be an issue for your plants. Furthermore, shrubs and plants with a tall structure may negatively affect the surrounding plants with overwhelming shedding. 

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James Sullivan
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