Types of flower arrangements that can be used to decorate your home

The moment you enter your house, the feeling of comfort and familiarity washes away all your worries. That is what creating a safe space for yourself is about. The best way to go about doing this is by identifying your needs and incorporating them into the design of the house. Anything that brings you joy from door curtains to plants can be incorporated into your house.

Adding flowers to any room can add colour and freshness to any room. Flowers with a pleasing fragrance can be calming to your senses. A well-made flower arrangement can act as a centrepiece. Let us look at the types of flower arrangements that can be made.

  1. Fan-shaped arrangements – It is one of the most commonly used flower arrangements. The flowers and leaves are arranged in the shape of a fan. Using the same flowers or flowers with the same colour and different shade can create a mesmerizing floral arrangement. Picking out the proper flower vases for this arrangement is important.
  2. Elliptical arrangements – The flowers are arranged in the shape of an ellipse in this type of arrangement. The flowers frequently used in this type of arrangement are roses, sunflowers, dahlia and lilies. The best colour combinations are used for this type of arrangement. These are most ideal to be presented on birthdays and weddings.
  3. Vertical arrangements – Vertical floral arrangements are best for making flower baskets. Using eclectic flowers to make this type of arrangement can create an impact.
  4. Horizontal flower arrangement – Different types of flowers are arranged in rows or a zig-zag fashion. Using strongly scented flowers are usually used for this purpose.
  5. The crescent flower arrangement – This kind of flower arrangement is also known as the C type of floral arrangement. A boat-shaped flower basket with this arrangement can make an impact. The arrangement is generally made with glossy wraps and leaves and is embellished with colourful ribbons.
  6. The oval-shaped arrangements – This floral arrangement uses ample fillers and leaves to give it the oval shape. This makes it look fuller and bushier making it a solid decorative piece.  This is one of the reasons it is used widely in ceremony halls.
  7. Ikebana – This is a Japanese style of floral arrangement. Ikebana is a beautiful style influenced by the Buddhist principle of minimalistic living. It lays great emphasis on shape and line and is meant to make you appreciate nature and its beauty. The form of Ikebana is said to be found and not planned. Ikebana calls for incorporating humanity in its subtle form. This floral arrangement has a spiritual connection to its designer and is a reflection of that person’s personality. The structure of this arrangement is often a scalene triangle and the three points represent humanity, heaven and earth.

No matter the arrangement, flowers bring joy to the onlooker and covey a message of fondness and love. Time to tap into the flower power!