Recommended Cheap Restaurants In Brisbane

Greetings everyone. If you are living in or visiting Brisbane, Australia, or if you are looking for some good cheap eats in the city of Brisvegas, then congratulations! You have stumbled upon this article which will give you a list of great places to eat.

Cheap doesn’t necessarily mean bad, and these restaurants prove it. Remember that these prices can change depending on where you live and the currency’s value when reading this article.

Ed’s Easy Diner – Aussie/American cuisine with a modern twist. Located on Eagle Street Pier, prices are around 10-15$ for mains. The service isn’t too great, so be prepared to wait a while before you get your meal. Absolutely delicious though! And don’t forget to order the salted caramel peanut butter milkshake! It’s heaven in your mouth.

Three Blue Ducks – Delicious Aussie / New Zealand Cuisine. If you’re looking for something different then this place is the one for you! Located down by South Bank, it’s slightly more expensive (15-20$ for mains) but it’s absolutely worth it! The service is great and the food is even better. They have a nice outdoor area where you can chill out after your meal, so if the weather is good, go there. Also, try their Lime-Aid cocktail. You won’t regret it!

Alfresco’s – Mediterranean cuisine with a twist. If you’re visiting Brisbane, then I have one word for you: Go! Located on Eagle Street Pier, prices are around 10-15$ for mains. It has an amazing courtyard to eat in or just sit down and relax at their bar during happy hour. The service isn’t that great, but the food makes up for it. Their dishes are so well cooked you’ll want to lick your plate after everything is finished. It’s that good!

Fonzie Abbott Coffee Roasters – Located in West End, this place has amazing coffee and yummy food. The staff are nice, the service is great, but prices are a little high (10-20$ for mains). If you’re not craving something sweet or savory then go for their famous homemade hot chocolate with marshmallows! It will definitely warm you up on those cold winter nights.

Tibetan Kitchen – Delicious Tibetan cuisine located in Spring Hill. This restaurant is one of my absolute favorites!, this place is honestly an amazing Tibetan restaurant. The service is great, the prices are good (10-15$ for mains) and it’s located in a nice area which you can explore after your meal. Try their momos! They’re to die for.

Toko – Authentic Japanese cuisine with an affordable price (. You will need to book in advance because this restaurant fills up very quickly. Located on Eagle Street Pier, it has a nice view of the river. Take your parents here during their visit; they’ll definitely appreciate the fine cooking skills of the chefs. However, do try to avoid going there around lunchtime because the waiters are super busy.

Cantina 663 – Mexican cuisine with live music! The service is great, prices are fair (10-15$ for mains) and if you’re lucky enough, there might be a special going on where you get to make your own burrito! Ándale ándale ándale! If you don’t know Spanish then I apologize for my terrible attempt at using it in this article…

Odyssey – Mediterranean cuisine located in West End. They serve yummy healthy food that tastes amazing. The service is good, but during peak hour wait times can belong. All of their dishes are well cooked and they never skimp on the ingredients. Their baklava is amazing, but that might just be me.

Nourish – Delicious modern Australian cuisine located in Newstead. Make sure you make a booking because it’s always packed! The service is great and their food is grilled to perfection (10-15$ for mains). They have dishes like kangaroo steak which isn’t too common nowadays, so if you’re feeling adventurous then go ahead and order it. You’ll get the best meal of your life.

Buffalo Bar & Bistro – Located on Brunswick Street Mall, this place has mouth-watering American-style dishes which will satisfy any meat lover out there (and even vegetarians like myself!). Try their buffalo wings! They are so good I could cry… Just kidding, but seriously they’re so good.

Bomba – Authentic Spanish cuisine located in New Farm. This place has amazing food and lives music on most days of the week. Located on James Street, people come here from all over for a little taste of Spain. Try their paella, it’s the highlight of my day every time I go there. You’ll never want to go back home after that!

The Pancake Manor – Quirky atmosphere with yummy American-style dishes! They have a wide range of sweet and savory pancakes as well as breakfast dishes (10-15$ for mains). Located in Paddington, make sure you bring some friends along, or else you’ll end up spending a ridiculous amount.

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