Useful Tips That Can Help You Pass An Alcohol Assessment Test

A person has to give an alcohol assessment when he or she gets involved in an alcohol-related offense. It can be driving under the influence of alcohol or any other offense. An alcohol assessment test includes both a physical drug screening and an in-person interview. After the assessment, the counselor suggests therapy or rehabilitation depending upon the level of intoxication. In case you’ve been directed to take an alcohol assessment, the following tips can help you in passing the test.

Avoid any drugs or alcohol before the assessment

It is advised that you must stop consuming any drugs before at least 2 weeks from the day of assessment. Professionals not only conduct an alcohol assessment test but also check the presence of other drugs in the body. Even if you’ve been consuming marijuana or depressants, you must stop the usage and go to the assessment as clean as possible. It is a self-understood thing that one must stop consuming alcohol as early as possible but even a drop of alcohol before the assessment can be very troublesome.

Don’t consume anything that results in a false positive

There are only two items that can create a false positive on your alcohol evaluation test result. They are poppy seeds and decongestants (ephedrine). So, you must stay away from these things for at least a few days before the assessment. However, if you feel like you’ve been given a false positive you can appeal to the authorities that will allow you to give another test which will be conducted by a third party.

Solve some sample questions

Before you give the alcohol assessment, you must get some idea of what kind of questions you’ll have to answer. There are several websites online that offer self-evaluation quizzes that are very helpful for your alcohol assessment. The questions you’ll be facing during the test will be mainly related to the history, frequency, and circumstances of your drinking. So, you must take a few sample tests online and prepare yourself for the alcohol assessment.

Be honest and give straightforward answers

The less detailed answers you give the better it will be but your answers must be elaborate. Also, make sure that your answers are accurate and short so that you can complete the assessment quickly. There’s no point in lying or bending the truth during the assessment. If a person is found lying during the assessment it will surely impact the results. Hence, it is suggested that you should be very honest during the alcohol evaluation near you.

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